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Fast forward 6 months. We have a pretty small family, though close when we get together, we don't really see each other much, just big birthdays and f...nerals really. We where due to all meet up for one of our old Aunts 80th birthday.The whole (small) family meet up in a local hotel, we had one of the wee rooms off the main dining area. Great night had by all. The oldies all got taxis back to my Aunts leaving some of us to walk back to her house. I left to walk back with my cousin Paul who is. .mein uskay upper leyta aur uski tangien uthaa kar uski choot mein apna lun daal dia aur aram aram say usko choodna shoro kardia…kabi mein usko kiss karta aur kabi mein uskay maamy choosta aur kabi uskay ears ko lick karta…thori he deer mein hum dono ek sath discharge hogaey aur meine apna lun nikal kar uski bell per rakh dia ….phir unsay tissue say usko saaf kia aur hum dono nangay he ek sath soogaey…Sham ko jab mere ankh khuli tu meine dekha woh bed per nai hai…mein usko dekhtay hue bahir. "You know, hon," she began, "words only hurt if you're afraid of them. What could we do to help make you less afraid of the words these silly boys use?" I dunno, mom. It's not like I can just get bigger and beat them all up." No, you probably won't be doing that anytime soon," she said, the hint of a giggle in her soft voice. "But there might be another way. Finish your cookie and tea, and we'll talk about it."When I did, she asked me to follow her to her bedroom. I was surprised by this, as. They hadn’t really had a chance to talk since yesterday morning and quite honestly, she had avoided seeing him this morning because she wasn’t sure she could handle seeing him, knowing she had to go. Carol sighed and looked out the window. The boys were out throwing hay. ‘Ever since your daddy died, things have all become routine. Then you come into our lives for two weeks, and everything changes. The boys seem more alive. You make me smile every time I see you in that silly get-up you jog in.

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