I adjusted my dress like I've seen other girls do and called Mike to my bedroom. He came and froze. "You look so hot" he stammered. I turned around so...he could see me from behind and asked him if he liked my dress and shoes. He didn't say anything. I felt his hand come around me on my stomach and he pulled me into him. I could feel his cock through his jeans press into my ass. He whispered into my ear that "he wanted me so bad". I pushed my ass into his growing cock and told him that I wanted. Boktar stopped at one of the doors. “Should we try to open it?” he asked.“Try this one instead,” Corec called out from up ahead. “It’s in better shape.”They joined him, Boktar using his hammer to pound off the worst patches of rust sealing the door shut. When he pulled it open, it made a horrible screeching noise.Inside, they found a tiny room piled high with rusted metal and other detritus.Bobo poked through the mess with his cudgel. “Is that wood?” he asked. There were pieces left that hadn’t. ‘Whenever you’re ready…take me, Josh! I’m ready now!’ Blythe insisted. He realized through his sexual haze, he wanted more than anything to be inside this precious little female with the golden brown hair. At last, he had only to enter her to make his sexual fantasy come true. Not willing to wait any longer, he parted Blythe’s messy brown haired cuntal lips – wetting his cock with her warm juices – he plunged his hungry engorged cock deliciously deep up inside of her. He felt her hungry pussy. “I have to talk to Athea,” Rhabina said, but sounded rather doubtful about that prospect.“Give her a little more time. She still has that faraway look in her eyes. After this battle I don’t doubt that there is a lot going on in her mind, and you know she isn’t alone in there,” Hassika replied. “Look over there. Greet those three before you talk to Athea. Actually there is one more, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”Rhabina turned following Hassika’s gaze and gasped loudly. Denyssa was.

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