He thought of the woman that shared the small house with him. He was tired bone tired, his head ached and all he really longed for was hot bath and se...eral glasses of chilled white wine. And her.Despite his growing foul temper, entering his home always made him feel calmer, her presence strong. He could hear her in the kitchen, humming softly to herself as she prepared their dinner. Leaning against the door of the kitchen he watched her, a feeling of uneasiness washing through him as she didn't. It wasn’t long before I found it, deep inside her snug young pussy. As I nibbled on her love button, I also began a concerted yet gentle effort to massage that erogenous spot. Soon, she lost all control and exploded in orgasmic indulgence. “Daddy!” she screamed. “Dahdeeeeeeee!!!! Oh – oh – oh what is happening to me? What are you doing to me?” Rather than tease Luciana any more, I began to slow my efforts, allowing her to come down from the celestial nirvana she was experiencing. Softly,. When he was in full spew, I released his hand from between my legs, let go of his cock, and aimed a kick right at his throbbing balls. I jumped off the bed, leaving him there doubled over, still shooting his cum all over the bed, and ran around behind him and kicked him in the ass so he fell over onto the bed, laying on top of his fresh cum. I jumped on top of him and slapped him repeatedly for a couple of minutes, then looked up at the camera, gave a shocked expression as I if I were just. "John, what was that hair you had, um, down there?"I opened my eyes, surprised at the question, and knowing it will take a long response, i turn a lamp on.I respond "Oh, Mia, thats called pubic hair. You'll get it as you grow older."Mia began asking many questions, and i responded to each one awkwardly, before she asked "John, can I see your... penis?" Sure Mia, why not." I said as i took my pants and underwear off."Woah" Mia said, admiring it."It gets bigger, actually" i said while she looked.

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