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"I was dumbfounded. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. But, then again, there was a part of me that could definitely believe it. So, wondering wha... was going on, I silently listened to the rest of their conversation."Did you cum in them?" Jim asked."Of course." Steve said, laughing. "I knew you'd want me to." It's the next best thing!" Jim replied, and they both laughed deeply. "Hey, Beth ran out to the store this morning without taking a shower. Maybe I can get the panties she has on now. " Yeah, don't worry about that! We've been having lunch at least once aweek since I started here. I'll just ask the boss lady to make my lunchthe same as yours, but no promises." Okay, see you later Tim."Tim waved and made his way back the pharmacy. She was a nice girl, maybeTim had been too preoccupied with himself to really think about dating.Once he got to the door, those thoughts disappeared has the pharmacisthanded him a list of orders and gave him a playful "ouch" look. Hegrinned and. With my shorts on and starting to button my shirt from the bottom, I heard the door glide open and looked up only to be stunned in amazement. Amelia stood in front of me with her hair pinned up by a large vibrant flower, a bikini top that fit her full breasts perfectly, her midriff exposed showing she’d been taking care of herself as well, and a sheer bikini bottom wrap that exposed one leg beneath the clasp while giving hint to her fair skinned complexion. As I stood there in awe, she smirked. We wind-up kissing throughout the whole time. After the fireworks, I told her if she wanted to go home. She said that she wanted to stay out some more so we decided to just ride around Saint Paul.We drove past a motel and she told me to get a room. I know, it's about to go down. We got a room key and then went up to our room. I knew she wanted to attack me when we were in the elevator but then there was a camera. Once we got to our room and I opened the door with the key. She started kissing me.

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