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Kinkyhelen knew she had deserved the spanking and now the caning as she had been the one who disobeyed Angela’s very clear instruction not to pester...any of the other diners, and yet she had done as she wasn’t quite thinking straight because of the amount of wine she had drunk. That in itself would be a lesson for the future, she told herself, although she knew she had only limited willpower to stop drinking, and that once she had just half a glass that willpower had gone. Kinkyhelen didn’t. I lifted up her skirt and slipped my hand over her big knickers. Feeling her ass and then moving my hand around to the front it slipped so easily onto the front of her knickers, rubbing her pussy she moaned all the more. “I’ve often dreamt about this” she said. As I cupped her left breast with my left hand my right hand was rubbing her pussy.After a few minutes she said “I think I’m coming” as she said it I slipped my finger under the elastic and onto her wet clitoris, rubbing her hard but. She kept her left hand in her lap. I excused myself to go to the restroom. When I returned, I noticed Andrea had reached inside her skirt with her left hand and I wondered, was she fingering her pussy as my dick began to swell in response. After I settled down and resumed eating my ice cream, I noticed her nipples were visibly tenting in her bra. My cock began to ooze precum at the idea of her masturbating in public.Andrea smiled, and began telling me about her roommate's bikini malfunction as. They drove in to town a little after nine. After checking in with Sam, Angie and Scott were headed to Silvia's house so Angie could change clothes. As they turned the corner a block from her house, Juan D'Silva flagged Scott down. "Scott, do you know that guy down there at Silvia's in that Ford pickup. He pulled in there about five minutes ago, I tried calling Silvia but she didn't answer." Oh No!" Angie's face went white as a ghost."Ang, who is it baby?" Scott had an idea who it was. And since.

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