While I was reaching my door I heard Babu moaning from my house. I got tensed thought to leave from there. But with curiosity take over me.I looked in...o my hall through a keyhole. It’s a shock for me. My mom is on her knees and sucking Babu’s dick. He was pressing mom’s hair bun with one hand and pressing her boobs with the other hand. She was behaving like a real slut. She was sucking his dick like there is no tomorrow. With her pink lips on a black dick.He was moaning and shouting. “Come on,. And when he finishes, I want you to mount me just like you did last time. That was a great fuck.”She never got dressed the rest of the day and into the night. Every 15 or 20 minutes, he would nose her, and she would submit immediately… either standing or sitting. I have never seen a woman so totally fucked nor have I gotten as much pussy as I did that day.She had fucked both of us for over 12 hours, and almost cried when she had to go home, saying she wanted more but had to go. She promised. In most places, and under most conditions, it would have been impossible for me at twenty to have anything to do with her, but circumstances this case were not normal.Carrie Ann's dad had died in Vietnam and her mother had become the town drunk and part-time whore and it was as one of her mother's customers that I first met Carrie Ann. I'd come naked out of her mother's bedroom to get a drink of water and found Carrie Ann sitting in the kitchen doing her homework. I was embarrassed, and not for. The muscular walls undulated and sucked, sending another blast of ecstasy rushing through George's body.He didn't know if this had been Nicole's intention from the start or whether something had gone wrong, but instinctively he knew he was in mortal danger. He tried to lift his shoulders up from the swaying bed.Nicole looked at him with eyes as cold as distant galaxies. She sang words in an alien tongue. They sounded like the sweetest, purest notes, but with dissonant harmonies like metal.

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