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He could see the realization dawning that he had really tied me up good. ?We can’t have our cheater making a break for it can we guys?? He asked.?O... no, here we go.? Mike put his head between his hands with a groan.Steve came back with a much longer length of rope and before I could even protest, or think about it, he had my torso and elbows practically welded to the back of the chair. This guy knew how to tie!?Haha, okay, you got me, but I get to roll my way out of jail, right?? I asked, now. While all of this was going on in his mind, one day his father informed him that he was going out for a conference and he won’t be there at home for a couple of days. Now Payal’s son was so happy as it was like he was waiting for something like this.That day arrived, the father went away and now the mother and her horny son were alone.Payal liked to wear a silk nighty with a silk coat on and never used to wear bra during night. Her cleavage was always visible and her erected tight nipples. Instead, she felt two of his fingers slip back inside her bottom, and the poking and prodding started again, this time with the doctor pushing on the front of her tummy with his other hand. She was really embarrassed and kept pushing her school dress and the sheet down over the doctor's hand. He kept pushing them back up, and kept trying to get her to open up her legs, but she kept them tightly together.At last it was over. 'Okay, put yourself together again and take a seat.' Nikki was soon. " Why?" I ... uh ... like variety." I am caught a little off-guard not by the question but by how direct he sounds."It looks like you're always trying to protect yourself. I wouldn't call it running but you know that what you are doing may not seem not so good to certain people. Many would say it's wrong."Now I am very uncomfortable."I left because I wanted to leave." I choose to sound testy."I want this place to be your home. No more moving on and you can indulge in the school's young.

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