Undoing them pretty hastily I seductively start to suck your clit through your underwear, feeling the gushing wetness of your pussy in my craving mout.... Pulling your underwear to one side I impatiently begin sucking and licking the lips of your pussy and your love hole. Hearing you moan and watching your hips buck I fiercely pound three fingers all the way into your pussy. Curling and circling them inside you I hastily start to suck on your clit between my teeth, flicking it with my tongue to. .it seemed like there was a lot of pent up emotion behind this.“I've never fit in. And I've always blamed my mom for that. But now...I'm just not sure.”She laid her head on my shoulder, and her other arm grabbed my bicep.“I've never known a good guy. But they all say you are. How do I know you're for real?” She looked up at me, waiting for a real answer.I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.“That's for you to decide Lindsey. Sometimes you need to just take that step and see for sure.”She. I had siphoned off his unique tasting liquid seed of life. As he finished I swallowed the contents of my mouth and moved up and kissed his lips, and slipped my tongue into his mouth, so that he could get a taste of his own outpourings. For a while we lay there recovering our senses, side by side. Chris’s cock dwindled to an acorn whilst mine was bursting with tension filled blood. “Your turn for some fun,” he said smiling at me. In our mails he had told be he was a bottom and as I’m a top it. So starting the story,I stay in Mumbai and just completed my engineering.I was traveling in Mumbai metro and going for some work.Everyone knows how crowded mumbai is and how crowded are trains and metros.So I was going to andheri at a peak time and it was full crowded and was getting jam packed and I was standing and after 2 stations it became more crowded and there was this guy who came behind me, as it was crowded so we get touched by others and evrything. So his name was rajat ,he was in 40s.

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When we were young

When we were young

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Cum on gf moth

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