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"I'm gonna cum".As he said that the intensity of his breathing changed quickly, which motivated me to back off and away from his engorged cock quickly... I was barely clear of the blast area before his hot cum erupted all over his stomach and chest.Having made him cum I moved back up the bed and straightened out once more. With him having cum, there was no reason for me to hold back any longer, but before my hand was able to reach down and grip my own cock, I saw him starting to sit up and turn.. I got to the restroom I went into the first stall. Now it was time for my husband's anniversary gift.I removed everything from the waist up taking off my bra and camisole. I placed the bra and camisole into my purse. Looking down at myself I wondered what it would be like to walk through the restaurant topless, and the look at my husband's face as I would come to the table.I put my blouse on buttoning all the buttons and went to see my self in the mirror. I should have tried this at home, the. It scared as much as excited me. The following Tuesday night I was awakened by a rap on my door wall. The lower units have a long deck with dual door walls, one to the living room and one to the bedroom. I hazily looked up to focus on Carl... his blue robe wide open... and jacking himself against the glass of the door. Tap, tap, tap with his fingernail. What the fuck is going on? The clock read almost midnight, for Chrissake. I wanted to ignore him and roll over like it was all a bad dream.. One day she invited to her home i went there and very excited to see her in the wet cloth since it was raining outside. She invited me inside and gave me towel to warm up.She loosened her long hair and warmed up with towel. My cock began to rise very quickly by seeing that beauty. I raised from my place and said her that i will rub with towel. At first she neglected later she agreed after my forcing move. I rubbed with the towel and slowly the towel began to slip away from my hands. I gathered.

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