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The third winner was a rich English girl by the name of Virana Pepper. When she was interviewed, she kept talking about how she knew she would win and...showed off some of her possessions. The report was cut off when she refused to talk to the reporter and instead took two of her naked female Barbie dolls and positioned one behind the other, forcing it to make thrusting motions towards the other. She seemed like a very odd girl.The fourth winner was another American by the name of Laitia Maitoon.. Back home they had lunch and Rhonda and Ann again went out on the back porch to watch Goldie running around. He was obviously enjoying the freedom now he was out of the pen he lived in. He eyed the two women, perhaps wondering when they would want his services. But Rhonda and Ann were thinking more about that email. “I wonder what it is all about?” questioned Rhonda. Ann shrugged her shoulders remembering Vera demand that she keep it secret. “I guess we will find out when we get there” was all. Taking asip Tom coughed, not expecting the burning sensation that he felt. "Um,mom you spiked my tea?" Just a little mountain medicine dear." His mother grinned. "You lookedlike you could use something a bit stronger than wildflower tea." Mountain medicine?" Tom smirked. "You mean uncle John's moonshine don'tyou."Tom's mother gasped, her hand going up to her chest. "Why honey you knowmaking that stuffs against the law, and your uncle John is a respectableman, he would never do something against. "When I was even younger than you, I had a friend too. Sometimes we kissed each other, once we touched each other's breasts. It was nice. Except in those days, well, it just wasn't something we could do. And then I discovered boys." She shook her head, looking wistful."You're really not angry?" I asked, too stunned to really believe it.She shook her head. "A little jealous, maybe." She said softly. "I wish..." She stopped and looked down at me. "It was so long ago."In my mind I pictured her.

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