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It was all she could take, as she screamed out having a massive orgasm.While Dianne was lying there panting and coming down from her mind-blowing orga...m, Marty quickly took off his swimming trunks and crawled in-between her spread legs. The teen had no idea that Marty was as well-endowed as he was. She let out a loud groaning moan as he slid his large cock into her very wet tight pussy. When he started sliding in-and-out of her, Dianne lost total control, as she was going wild gyrating her hips. "I don't know about making you look cool honey. If anything, I'd say it makes you look hotter than hell! If Hans doesn't go after you today, it's sure not going to be through any fault of your own. God you look so fuckable! What a change!" Marge blushed and looked away. I think she was still trying to get her head around the fact she was so horny for another man and I was encouraging her to fuck him. This was new territory for her. Having the man you're married to helping to get you a good. Then, the audacious bastard says, ‘Go get that for me, Josh.’ The several beers I’d had were wearing off and I wasn’t really in the mood to be fucked with, you know? But he didn’t say it unfriendly or nothing, it was like he just lost it and was too tired to go get it or something. I glanced at the others and they just shrugged, although I thought Cory was maybe grinning a little bit. So I thought to myself, ‘What the fuck,’ and I went on to get Mike’s stupid tennis ball. It had bounced off the. ... They both eagerly donned their costumes and headed off to the spa for this experience.... The masseuse took her time to massage their bodies slowly and sensually, it was the most amazing sensation and by the end they were both so turned on... The masseuse said i'll give you 10 minutes to get yourselves sorted... No rush... But of course as soon as she'd gone there's only one thing they had on their minds... Again David pulled her close and kissed her eagerly... But wasn't the most practical.

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