We have been in a relationship for almost a year now. A few months back, I dared to share a fantasy of mine with her. I was scared about how she would...reply, but I could no longer keep it to myself, and so I decided to share it with her. Five months back "Baby, let's try something different tonight?" I asked her politely lying on top of her, both of us naked. "Different? Sounds intriguing. What's on your mind?" she asked excitedly. "Do you wanna try bondage?" I thought she was going to freak. The next move shocked me he lifted me up by my waist and almost as a natural reaction my legs wrapped round his waist . we almost fell through the bedroom door him landing ontop of me on my bed my legs still locked round him, but i just could not stop myself, i was still kissing him.I could feel his hands fumbling with his trousers and then him kicking them off then he stood up at the end of my bed pulling his top off over his head, his muscled body and a rather impressive looking very hard. He looks at her again, and then back at me. “She came here for you, you were supposed to have sex with HER”. “I know, but instead i fucked you” i laugh. “Exactly... so when she wakes up, it must be a moment she will never forget, in her entire life”. “Are you saying i should.... fuck her right now”??? I ask in total disbelieve. “Nooooo!!!! Nononononono...... You are gonna fuck me.... again.... but now we’re gonna do it in plain sight”The nasty smile on his face is undescribeble. His left hand. Mine too. Wow, thats so cool. I didnt think I would know anyone here. I havent seen you since after the graduation party when you thought we kidnapped you. He laughed, and I tried to join him, but I couldnt help the burning in my cheeks. You guys can totally hang out, like, all the time. Wouldnt that be great, Emma? I glared at Emma, but Kyle seemed to like the idea. That would be awesome. I mean, only if you want to, Emma. I nodded. I did want to. A lot. His small and meaningless comment that.

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