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‘Morning Mabel, what’s the weather like out there?’ Alison asked sleepily. ‘Never you mind, darling,’ she replied, craftily slipping her han... between Alison’s legs and slipping a finger into her warm vagina. ‘Stop it you sexy woman. I need a pee,’ said Alison as she swung her legs away from Mabel’s fingers, and getting out of bed walked naked into the bathroom. I could always try sitting on a horse blanket I suppose, Mabel thought sulkily. ‘Yipee it’s sunny, screamed Jane with joy, sitting up. I remembered one seeing this scene in a mirror.She looked absolutely wanton when she did this. That of course is my being raised to think that girls, women do not really like sex and don’t do sexy things. Seems like we men would grow out of that misconception, but there it was again.He helped her out of the dress, leaving her in panties plus a garter belt and stockings. He ran his hands up and down her nylon covered legs and kissed her deeply once again while she continued to stroke his. My cock was going deep, her saliva was running down my cock, her hands had a firm grip on my ass. I could feel it building. She might be surprised. I pushed deep and held her. OH fuck, there it went. Straight down. Then came the gagging and spitting and cum running from her mouth onto her tits. I was still cumming small bursts splattering her."Not bad Sarah, not bad." She coughed."I can't believe I did that. But I thought we were.." We're going to do what I say we're going to do. You want sex. Slim, athletic, with long killer legs. She was into runningand her body showed it. She had small breasts but the were pert and eventhough she dressed conservatively her nipples showed through. He couldn'twait to get her to bed.Just then there was a large "Bang" from the passenger side front tire and thecar immediately pulled to the side of the road "Shit!" said Chris. Erinscreamed as he fought for control of the car. The good news was that theywere OK. The bad news was that the car was now 20.

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In bathroom

In bathroom

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Arse gets pounded

Arse gets pounded

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