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I noticed a light on through a small window, which I presumed was the bathroom due to the size and height of the window. There were some bushes bellow...it but nothing to stand on. I reached up and grabbed the ledge with my fingertips and pulled myself up.I was in shock! Instead of an injured woman She saw the two women pictured above in a 69 position. One was ramming a vibrator in and out of the other. I couldn't pull myself away from this sight. As they continued to lap and suck and fuck each. I sit back down. Her hand is still on my leg. She looks at my crotch, so I put my hand on her leg. I start rubbing her bare legs, and she spreads her legs out, exposing her wet pussy under her skirt. I go down on my knees and start kissing ker inner thighs. I lift the flaps of her skirt up and stick face in her cunt. I lick her clit and the pussy lips with quick strokes of my tongue. She moans louder and louder, and she rubs my neck and squeezes my hair in her fists. I go faster and faster. I turned into the open bathroom door unaware Barbie was in there. To my surprise she stood at the sink naked except for a lacy bikini pantie. We stood looking at each other, sort of frozen in time, her tits pointing straight at me, so firm, 34C and the hardest nipples I had ever seen. My pants began to bulge, I saw her eyes undressing me, then she let out a little sigh. I told her she looked really hot, (my hormones at full tilt) I couldn't stop looking at her. She asked if I was OK, looking. About five years later we met and got married.It was twenty years after that when she finally came clean with me. I was blown away, but after a few hours' dramatics I settled down and thought through whether I wanted to divorce her. I decided no, for a number of reasons including the fact that I loved her. But I told her how angry I was: not jealous about the fucking, which sounded exciting, but angry at her for not telling me the truth before we got married and then not telling me for twenty.

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Erotic BJ

Erotic BJ

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