The full quantity of the illegal drugs recovered from Warren was slightly over the amount considered for the personal use and he was tried as a dealer...instead but lucky for him that the judge gave him the benefit of doubt and he was sent to jail for only six months but he was ordered to do 1 year of community service cleaning the drug infested areas. While he was in jail, both of his parents passed away and his elder sister who was married and lived far from us, did a big favor to Warren of not. " Touch it, kiss me, and call me a cunt too, Troy." Yes, cunt," he branded me before pasting his lips to mine and fingering me.He kept his other hand on my boob, and after a moment, he got back to licking those sensitive nipples. He was learning and had me feeling good, but I still wanted so much more from him, though. He pissed me off, so he owed me quite the debt."I hope you're up for earn my trust again, Troy, because it's gonna take a while. You're gonna be giving in to my demands, do you. There must have been 20 people in the hallway, having a laugh at Suzy's expense.Suzy looked helpless on the ground and then I saw a dark spot grow on her panties as a puddle grew underneath her. She was so humiliated she was peeing in her pants. The laughter increased.She started sobbing and looked miserable, lying there on the ground. I couldn't stand it.I walked around to the front of her, knelt down and held out my hand. She had her face buried in her hands, still sobbing. I reached in and. After saying goodnight I saw the stack of neatly labeled boxes in the corner with my name on them. I assumed this was the "stuff" they had been referring to. It was almost comical when I opened the first box and realized it was all from when I last lived at home more than seven years prior.I'd never kept a journal, but the knickknacks and class projects brought back a lot of fond memories. I was glad that my parents weren't there to remind me of my terrible handwriting and the hilarity of.

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