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“That was nice,” she sighed, and sat up, reaching for me. She pulled down my jockey shorts saying, “Touch yourself.” I start...d beating my meat, and Kathy wrapped her fingers around my balls feeling and stroking them. It didn’t take but a second before I was ready to come, and Kathy sensed it saying, “would you like me to do it for you?” The thought of a girl whacking me off was something from my wildest fantasies. I could only nod agreement. Kathy. "I wish for you to read it once you are gone," she requested. "I would like you to comment on its contents either by writing back to me or verbally whenever you call on me again." I most certainly will," he placed the envelope in his inner coat pocket. He had a sneaking suspicion what was contained inside."Would you like me to play the piano for you?" she asked."Yes, please," Frank smiled. She was an excellent pianist and could play the violin with equal skill. The one major thing that. James watched her as she dropped the remote, taken suddenly by the pleasant sensation. His pants suddenly began to tent as he watched her squirm. Only ten seconds in she started to climax, her face full of pleasure. However she didn’t stop there. She began to climax again and again, all the while James watching in disbelief. This one was going to be a lot easier than expected.Night fell. She had left her room over an hour ago. James both hated and loved this part of the plan. He hated waiting,. However as I came of the high and looked at myself in the mirror, I thought “no, this is all wrong”. I stripped and carefully put everything back in its original place, vowing never to do it again. But by the following week, the urge to dress-up again was strong and I was all along in the house on Saturday afternoon.Rather than mum’s room, I went into Sharon’s room knowing that if she every caught me or fond out the bitch would kill me and make my life a living hell. Out of her drawers I took a.

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