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”I was really slamming into her and growling like an a****l. “Do you feel it all around your cock?” she yelled. “I want to always make you thi... happy” she said with genuine lust in her eyes, “I want you to want me this much… to be this hard as you fuck me.”“I DO want you” I confessed, “and I love fucking you like this.”“You love me this wet?” she continued, “This full of cum? My pussy dripping with cum? Overflowing with cum?”“Oh My God.” I yelled, not wanting to answer her directly, “You’re so. It was then that the back door slammed, and a feminine roar bellowed out, “You bastard! Where were you?”Richard came out of his trance and looked up from the television wildly. “Oh, shit!” he muttered to himself. He had completely forgotten that he had to pick up his wife, Wendy, from the tennis club she had been at. Her car had broken down and a friend had given her a lift, but he had promised to meet her and bring her home. Glancing at the clock on the wall above the TV, he saw that it was. The final humiliation was being the serving tray. Dinner was finished and Jill announced that she would serve dessert in a few minutes. She took Faith into the kitchen where she strapped her to a serving cart. Then, she proceeded to layer her body with bits of fruit and whipped cream. She was wheeled back into the dining room and five hungry mouths feasted on the fruit and her body while she blushed furiously throughout. That night, she slept with her Aunt Jane since Jane was to be her mistress. He had been on his own for about five months now, and had learned the hard way not to trust anyone after almost getting himself raped by a friendly man offering a free meal.Brian talked an awful lot about his real dad, and I found that even though he barely remembered him, Brian had made his dead father his idol.But when I announced he was as clean as he was going to get, Brian grew quiet and could I feel him holding something back. All it took to get it out of him was a hug and a quick.

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