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The more she let me suck on them the deeper her breaths became until she lifted them up away from me. “Damn you are getting me aroused” she said t...en ran her hands through my hair .”I want to eat your sweet little pussy “I said looking up into her eyes seeing her smile. “You can eat me but your going to fuck me again”she said moving herself up with her fingers rubbing on her clit. I was happy to feel she had trimmed her pubic hair as now I could see her thin lips shining in her juices. I also. I want to feel your dick explode in me and fill me up with you warm flowing cum. I want to feel it as you explode in my mouth and want your cum to coat the inside of my throat when I swallow every drop of you. I have asked Heather to give me a few hours before she comes over to see you. I know she wants to see her daddy, and she said it was gross that her mom wants her daddy too. She said that we should have fun. I really hope so. I hope you like what I will be wearing to the door when. Was I okay last night?" she asked hesitantly."You were better than okay," Bryant insisted. "Jan, it was wonderful. I think you were absolutely right. It was just another step in our evolution."Jan smiled slightly."I worried," she admitted. "I mean, I know you seemed really into it but I wanted to be sure." You don't need to worry," Bryant said."What about this morning?" Jan continued."This morning?" Bryant wondered."In the shower," Jan added. "When I ... when I tried to suck you off." Uh, I'm. “ohh.. Kha jaoge kya, pyaar se chuso..”I kept shifting mouth from one boobs to other and she caressed my back and hips. While holding one boob in my mouth I pulled her to bed room and pushed her on bed. She remained flat. Without any delay I undressed fully. Thanks, I had full erection. I bend on her. Pulled petticoat out of her legs and then I saw her cunt. It was clean shaven may be that morning only. She was looking more beautiful with firm and proportionate thighs and swollen pubic area. I.

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