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The harbour itselfwas still shrouded in the last pockets of the night and in an almostinvisible sea mist. The view was utterly calm and from the depth... of myimported goose down quilt, (800 pounds online from Harrods and worthevery single penny thank you) as far as I was concerned, the view wasthe best thing in the world. It was simultaneously very, very, prettyand also a complete celebration of my life and more importantly, of mymoney.It was my favourite time of the day. The harbour was. Naveen andar aata hua mujhe dekh bola: Phat gayi iski, hahaha!Main andar baithi hasti hui boli: Hahaha, tumhe dekhna chahiye tha, haat jod raha tha mere samne.Tushaar darwaza band kar Naveen ki jangh par laath maar bola: Sala mera gand phat gaya tha.Hum dono hasne lage aur Naveen uski laat se bachta hua mere paas aakar baith bola: Beta kal meri bhi yahi haalat hui thi, samjha sale!Tushaar: To tum dono kal se hi mile hue ho?Naveen mujhe dekh bola: Hahaha, haan.Tabhi Naveen ki nazar mere kapdo. Yeah, probably cowardice.Marion was about fifteen years older than me at the time – she was just about fifty. I knew her from the local library where she worked. She was witty and intelligent and also quite religious.On occasions I would have a coffee with her and she would make me laugh with tales about the people who would come into the library. She also had some interesting theories and observations about life she would come up with and which made me think. One of her observations where that. I noticed her bra and panties on the arm of the chair next to the door and sat down and while peeking around the corner watching her, took my hard cock out and began to stroke it. I heard her get out of the shower and start to dry herself off and waited until she came for her bra and panties. There was another seat on the inside and as she sat down on it, she reached for her panties and as she did, I took hold of her hand and pulled on it softly. As I pulled her out she came around the door.

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