. I think they have a sort of sensuality, the heavy strength of the forms, wouldn't you agree?"Mira Cheng sashays over to the other side of the cross....Turning so her back is to Thor and the bench, she lets her arms spread out along the length of the bench, her firm yet supple buttocks leaning on to its unyielding surface. "I think I would most definitely agree, I have to apologize again for my behaviour before, little did I know out here that a station mechanic would be creating such. "We'll have to change your petticoat Bill, as the one you're wearingwill be too long for theses next couple of dresses," Darlene informedhim.The first cocktail dress had a full skirt that fell just above the knee,with the entire dress made of a satin material. It was a vibrant red,with spaghetti straps and a sweetheart neckline. I would have liked towear it myself, and thought it would look just darling on Bill. Darlenehelped him step into the dress, and soon had everything positionedproperly. She led me over to a desk and we sat down. As she went over the material with me she was constantly touching me. Her hand would stroke my leg, rub across my back, and stroke my neck. Of course, I grew hard as a rock. Of course, I wanted to fuck her. What to do. What to do. It was dangerous to make an unwanted advance on your teacher. But, wasn't she wanting it? So, I tried to think of a clever way to address this situation."So, how can I make this up to you?" I asked making sure to make eye. Why don’t we take a peek?”She balked slightly wondering whether it was all right to do what we were about to do. There were a few lights on in the boat suggesting that someone might be aboard. I escorted her along side the craft to where there was a small gangplank with a handrail leading onto the deck of the craft. I went across and reached back for her. I didn’t want her to fall in her heels.Jasmine came my way but protested, “Are you sure this is all right? I mean won’t somebody get mad at.

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