Me: I know, but we can still have fun there too!Chloe: That’s true!We both got dressed. We both were lying on Chloe’s bed. She’s on my left towa...ds the wall.Chloe: I unlocked the door, in case Rose come back. Can you imagine if we lived together? And did something like this every night?Me: I’m not saying no to that! The way I see it, the more sex, the better!Chloe: Hahaha! You would come home from work, I would be waiting in a slutty outfit.Me: Or you would be coming home from work and I would. She beckoned me with her index finger. I approached pulling my shirt up over my head revealing my body to her. She layed one hand on my chest the other around my neck. I gripped her butt with both hands and lifted her off the ground. She wrapped her long legs around my waste. I carried her to the other side of the room and gently rested her bottom on the desk. I ran my big hands down the outside of her thighs and slowly began to kiss her neck. Working my way down to her clavicle running my. ’ ‘That was before Doctor Randall ‘cured’ himself,’ Veena said. ‘He cured his body, but the part of his soul that was the Broot has been raging, festering away inside him. When this creature released it,’ she said, gesturing to the Living Brain yet somehow never stopping the soft music, ‘he unleashed the pent-up fury that has been denied for years. This Broot is stronger than the one you have fought. Fury cannot be defeated by fury, Captain. His rage will always outmatch yours.’ Captain. The next day after I crawled out of bed, I went right over to Jenny’s house. She was dressed and just as tired as I was. She came out and we walked toward the park to swing. Along the way Jenny told me that she wanted to do it again that night if I was up to it. Once I said okay she told me that we would do the next block over from her. It was daring and it excited me, so I agreed.Jenny sat in the swing and I looked at her in her T-shirt and her pink shorts. I got behind her and started pushing.

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