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Some situations just need time to resolve.To distract myself, I went up to the bar and bought a beer - quite an effective displacement activity, in my...experience. One of the locals was ordering a round, but she turned and said hello, which I acknowledged with a nod - smallish woman, hair cut short, old fleece jacket over a National Trust T-shirt, I noticed - and prepared myself for the inevitable inquisition.I didn't have long to wait, as she immediately asked, "Not drinking with your friend,. Jake watched him force himself to relax. Taking another sip of his beer, he said, "All right. I can play poker with Svetlana. It's no..."He paused. It was like he was seeing how Jake was dressed for the first time. He looked up into the older man's eyes for some sort of confirmation."You're sleeping with her?" he asked. "Jake, are you out of your fucking mind?" What? No."Thule shook his head, "What would possess you to do something like that?"Jake scowled, "Who are you to talk? You slept with. Seconds later there was that noise again and again I felt the horrible pain as his belt came in contact with my tender flesh. I screamed once more into the gag and struggled to stay in place. My body's natural desire to avoid this horrible pain caused me to move away from the only place that I could stand without pulling at the hair on my head. Every time he struck me with that thing I jumped and nearly fell as the rope pulled me back into place.The first half dozen lashes struck on my. He said that when he adopted me, he’d taken that particular commitment very seriously indeed.For weeks after Mum’s death, I was lost and I knew that Jermaine was struggling in his own way. However, eventually, we managed to get into some kind of daily routine while we dealt privately and individually with our loss. After six months, we were becoming accustomed to life without Mum. Not having her around was still strange and painful, but at the end of the day, death is one thing in the whole.

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