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Willows. Val turned around and Jim was stunned. He had never seen Mrs. Willows in such a sexy dress or had shown so much cleavage.“Wow, Val! What a ...ress! What is the occasion? How did Lou ever let you leave the house with that on?”“You like it?” Val asked innocently as she twirled around showing even more leg than when she first walked in. “That is actually something else I want to talk to you about but can I have that drink first?”“Sure, what would you like?”“A glass of red wine would be. “I wanted to fuck you since you were 14” growled Mr White staring his daughter in the eyes with her looking back terrified of her now feral father. “I remember the moment, you had just stepped out of the shower without a towel, those tits, that arse, all of you, its mine” he was jackhammering into her now and she was screaming in pain, any pleasure she had felt was gone. “You are mine, you have always been mine, and now I’m going to cum inside of you and you will see you belong to daddy”“Daddy,. Kevin was returning the favor and began working around my shaft. He was licking all the precum that was drizzling down my Johnson, damn! I did not know you were packing all this he said to me. The first time it had been all about Kevin but this time he was sharing the love. He lifted up my sack and licked them as if getting them ready for a detailed inspection. Oh fuck, I moaned. This guy was invading every centimeter of my love tool. It seemed as if he did not know which spot to hit next, he. He lay beside me and pressed his dick against my thigh. He was still sucking on my nipple and pulling it with his lips. “Wow! It’s so hard”, he said softly. Now taking charge of other nipple completely he started rolling it in his fingers. Both of my nipples were looking pink now and I was so hot, rather I was so fucking hot. He was not ready to wait any longer either. He whispered in my ear, “I want get inside you”. I kissed his lips again as he placed himself on top of me. He was enjoying the.

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