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But I need...I need a bigger cock. Please don't be hurt. I don't want to hurt your feelings. I don't. But...I just like, you know? Bigger cocks. Say y...u understand. Okay?"I totally understood, of course. I'd never labored under any delusion that I was carrying around a big dick. In middle school I'd come to quickly realize that I had not been given anything close to the sort of cocks I saw in the showers, or later at night at home watching porn; and so, when Tara had said what she had said. My red and black thong seemed to hit the floor of its own accord as I turned to help him undress. He stepped back to look at me, and with an appreciative smile, he lifted his arms for me to pull his shirt off of him. I tossed it to the side and started kissing him at his forehead, down his face, pausing on his lips. I continued kissing down his jaw line, his neck, across his chest and abs. I stopped at the button to his jeans. I undid them, and dropped his pants to the floor, then his boxers.. But I felt that I had made a mark, and the lady seemed to display some interest.Now I know what some of you younger fellows are thinking, hells teeth mid fifties, she must have droopy tits and one foot in the grave. But you've surfed the net same as I have, and whilst there's loads of pretty young girls on show there's a fair number of older ladies too. Most of 'em don't have floppy bits and pieces, they're very much alive, and they'll often teach the young ones a thing or two. Not always. It would have been ideal from her point of view except for the fact that her spouse was snoring away only inches away in the very same bed. Before Gallagher could actually poke her pretty pussy with his hard shaft, she pulled him up from the bed and walked him out behind the hut where their naked bodies reflected the romantic light of the early harvest moon. There was no need to tell him to be silent because a quick check of his eyes and reactions convinced her that he was merely "sleepwalking".

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Nice teen

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