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It was time to take what was hers. She lifted heroral grip of Willie's wonderfully sensitive nipples and moved close toher face and purred."Tell me, m... darling. Tell me you don't want this. Tell me that youhave not dreamed of this your entire life."Willie's acceptance was nearly complete. As Janet stared into thosesoft brown eyes, she continued the pressure of her fingers strokingWillie's cunt. As much as Janet wanted to jump on the bed and take herplace over Willie's waiting mouth, she. Her smile softened; she held my hand. "Thank you."I pretended to wipe her touch away, a motion so obviously false that the grin on her face grew again. "And, young lady, may I ask what that was for?"I could see by the glow in her eyes that she meant every word of what she was saying to me. It was always in her eyes. They never deceived me. "Many things. But most of all, for showing that you care. You act cool - okay, before you object, you ARE cool - and you give in to all my silly whims, be my. Appozhuthu aval udambu en udambil patu kondu irunthathu, en nanban udambu mudiyaamal irunthaan, aanal nurse udambu en meethu pata udan mudu eera aarambithathu.Aval andru paarthathai vida indru miga sexyaaga irunthaal, aval udan oru aan irunthaar. Avar kayangalai sutham seithu katu pottu viduvaar, enaku nurse meethe kavanam irunthathu.En nanbanai katu katum idathirku azhaithu sendren, appozhuthu nurse engaludan vanthaal. Aval vantha pozhuthu en pine nindru kondu eti paarthaal, appozhuthu avalin. Her name badge, pinned to a verysmart tailored black jacket, read 'Miss Cornell'. In her right hand wasa short, sharp leather switch, taken from a side holster attached to herbelt. She cracked it loudly against the wall which made both girls jumpagain."How dare you try and loosen your corsets! You are in so much trouble!"Miss Cornell paced forward and lifted Rachel's chin up with the tip ofher crop. "You girl! What's your name?" Rachel, but you're making a..." There was a sharp crack as Miss.

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