They had walked to school together since 1st grade! Was their friendship ruined because of a stupid kiss? Okay, so it wasn’t a stupid kiss to Danie.... It was his first kiss. Incredible was understating how magnificent and romantic the kiss was. However, he would rather never kiss her again than lose their friendship. He made his way over to her house. Knock knock. A couple minutes passed before Jenny’s mother opened the door. ‘Daniel! What are you doing here? Jenny left 5 minutes ago. She. Eating Strawberry Ice Cream. I come there to join you after grabbing some strawberry Ice cream myself, sitting on the opposite couch still feeling a lil bit embarrassed about earlier. We enjoy laughs watching Fridays movies, Lethal Weapons, and then “Halloween”, The Michael Myers movie comes on and you become very scared, You go to the closet and retrieve a L.A. Lakers big blanket to cover up with, because its getting chilly, and eventually or I mean slowly but surely you creep closer and. I came out and saw that my sis was watching everything, so I don’t need to explain to her. I just grabbed her and went to the bathroom and had a quickie with her.We all ate dinner. Mom didn’t even look at my face, and we went to sleep as usual. I was waiting for mom to touch my dick as a sign she needs my dick.One hour past, I know mom didn’t sleep. I can feel her movement. All of a sudden, I could feel my mom’s hand on my dick, and she grabbed it. I rolled over and hugged mom. We were facing. I looked up.“False ceiling,” Xera said.I nodded my head in agreement, my skin crawling. “Probably drops something nasty on us.”I pulled my thief tools, rolled up in black felt to keep them from rattling, out of my pouch. I unfurled them on the floor, a collection of lock picks, small crowbars, delicate tweezers, and a pair of tin shears. I pulled those out and reached through the small gap for the spring. I took a deep breath and snipped the spring. It twanged.I flinched.Nothing fell.“Okay,.

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