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But don’t worry, I try to shoot as much aesthetically as I can. Now, the story I am planning to shoot is a lesbian film.” He spat out some paan ma...ala in a small bowl on the table.Lesbian film? I was surprised.“Yes. The main character loves girls. We will do a lot of girl-on-girl scenes. Bed scenes mostly. And a couple of hot songs… dream sequence.Make them as much steamy as you can. You will play one of the girlfriends of the main girl.”He said, munching on paan masala again and leering at. I opened my eyes and pulled out the little toy from my wet cunt.I then looked across and saw a young couple who started kissing and stripping each other off. It was obvious that they did not mind I was there, sitting quietly and watching their every move.As I watched their stripping, both front seats went back and the man put down his head between the lady’s thighs. She moaned, throwing her head back, as she pushed the face of her lover even tighter to her crotch.She was wearing sunglasses, but. I close the door behind me and we go back to kissing. Unskillfully I manage to remove her bra, lift her shirt up and start sucking on her perky tits 34B. I could suck on those things for hours but though I was lost in the ecstasy of having sex in school I still knew that I am in school. I unzip my pants and she quickly gets on her knees and puts my cock in her mouth she can’t swallow it all but she tries to deepthroat it as much as she can, gagging on it and choking. Slurping on it and playing. Soon I felt a second mouth on my back as Leah came to join in.If I had died right there, the afterlife couldn't have been any better because I was already in Heaven/Valhalla/Stovokor/Nirvana.The two girls continued to rub and kiss my back, much to my delight.Melinda lifted herself off me and the two girls tugged at my shorts, pulling them off so I was naked.Leah took her place and when she sat down, I felt something tickle my backside.Suspecting what was up, I reached back to the valley between.

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