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"Well. Um." I stared at the buildings. Westcross was a _big_mall. And the parking lot said it was crowded. Just what I liked, not. He opened door and got out. I sighed, and did the same. WhenI made it out and shut the door, he was already a couple of cars down. "Mike! Wait up!" I scrambled to catch up with him. Slowly. "What?" I pointed at the slush on the ground. There were some seriouslyfrozen patches out there. "I, uh... I'm scared I'll slip again. I. I slipped into the hot tub as each of them took up a sitting position on either side of me. The water lapped at our chins as all three of us dipped down into the swirling hot waters, as far as we could.I felt a hand on my leg. Inching its way towards my crotch. It was the skinner girl with the big boobs.“Behave,” I teasingly remarked.“I can’t,” she replied, toying with me. Her friend inched away from us and to the far side of the small hot tub as I grabbed the wayward hand on my leg. Suddenly,. "I need you inside me" she said, pushing me onto my back. "The condoms are upstairs", I said. "Fuck that" she replied as she straddled me. Caution gone to the wind in the moment of lust she held my cock upright and rubbed it against her leaking lips and then suddenly sat down hard on my shaft. She let out a cry throwing her head back and arching her back. Her pussy was hot and tight and her internal muscles immediately got to work on me. My hands went up to her tits and she just sat there with. So I hung out in the hallway waiting for Margo to fika, and when she left I strolled over to stupidnames desk and shoved his head a little roughly, knocking his stupid gay pink headphones off his head. He looked up all butt-hurt until he saw it was me, and then gave me those Bambi-watching-his-mother-get-shot-eyes that Ive come to adore. Id left him alone all morning so I think he thought he was off the hook or something. Anyway I said FIKA TIME, and he blinked, glancing at the clock horrified,.

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