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He then gently moves you nearer to the centre of the room and your other senses start to awaken as your brain no longer recieves signals from your vis...on, your hearing becomes sharper to start with. He steps away again and you hear the silken sound of his jacket come off, a pause and the another garment...shirt? You have mixed feelings, nervous, excited and slightly irritated that he's bypassed all the fun of undressing, typical man...Suddenly you feel his presence behind you, your senses pick. ‘Hey, fancy meeting me later?’ he asked with a sparkle in his oh- so-wonderful eyes. I was in a trance myself. I was willing to do anything with the handsome stranger sat right in front of me. ‘Yeah, sure,’ I found my mouth blubber out. ‘Great,’ he said happily, flashing two rows of straight white teeth. ‘… I don’t even know your name,’ I said dreamily. ‘The name is Zack. And yours is?’ ‘Jacy,’ I replied. His hand went to clutch on mine. The sexual tension between us was unbelievable. His. I quickly dress and head toward her, knowing I won’t be clothed for long. I know where she will be and what she will want. When I arrive, I walk through the front door and straight to her bedroom. She is standing there in nothing but a thin white tank top and white cotton panties. As I look her over, I notice her erect nipples and the crotch of her panties, which are visibly wet already. She looks so amazing and innocent, but I know she is not waiting for my soft touch. I give her a sinister. And I hope Rachel finds a nice boy before long. I don't like same sex relationships. Although I suppose you do love the girl and she has been good for you, she needs to find out for herself if she really wants to go down the lesbian road. I know she's legally old enough, Gloria, but she's still a child and you've been around to put it mildly. Don't sulk, Gloria! I'm telling you this for your own good as well as hers. I may have led a sheltered life in many ways but I am older than you!" And you.

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