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I'd been trying my very best not to obsess over Louise's lengthy absence. Her mother had become gravely ill in early May. She passed away on Mother's ...ay but Louise stayed on to straighten up her mother's affairs and see about her inheritance. I hadn't heard from her in five days and I needed her so much. I couldn't stand it any longer and phoned Quebec. I told her about Doug, told her I loved her and missed her and she promised she'd be back soon. She said she had a couple of details to look. Your not getting my ring, and your not getting my letter jacket. You don't get to brag around school how you got the all star ¼ back from the team. You don't get to brag how you nailed the biggest dick at school—cause you prolly couldn't handle it all anyway. You don't get to brag that Matthew Dillon blowed a donkey load all over ur tits—and ya, that's big too”. A voice pipes up from behind the circle of girls, “what if she's just a slut—not popular—doesn't even like you cause ur just an. We had a very good workout and I slept great with my body wrapped around hers. I awoke in the morning, went for a walk and then I joined her in bed. She begged off on another go round as she said she was a little sore and she still had to go to the doctor today.I went off to work. The owner of the company where I worked hired me because he went to the same school I had. He actually hired nine new engineers from all over. Two of us came from the school in Colorado and the others came from Kansas. "She kept flipping through the channels, ignoring Shane, letting him stew.Just then, his sister walked in. "Shane, when did you get here? I saw your dirty old truck on the street, make sure they don't tow it with the trash, tomorrow's the pick up day." Jessica liked cracking on her brother's truck. He was proud of it, 4-Wheel drive, extended cab, the works."Jessica, don't make fun of my truck, just cause you drive the midget mobile." He pointed through the door to her Volkswagen Beetle. "And,.

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