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Her tight-fitting white blouse showed off her curves. Thin strips of ruffle decorated the neckline and the edges of the super-short sleeves. Her long ...lack hair was bound at the back of her neck with a white band and then dropped in long ropy curls down her back. A pair of open-toed shoes with a medium-sized heel completed today's outfit. She was much more sensibly dressed for today's heat than most of the business people scattered around the cafe – including me.Her arms were bare from the. My eyes danced along her pale skin, over her tight tummy and over her swollen mound, shaved this morning. I could see, or at least imgaine I saw her wetness glisteneing on her thighs. "One more before I let you have Chris..." I winked at her and turned away walking toward her closet. I slide the door back and reached inside, bending over to intentionally let her look at my ass, my pussy lips peeking out shining with my own juices.I slide a large black Sybian out and pushed it toward. "It'll be about forty-five minutes before I get the results and then it will take me about a half an hour to compare them with what I have on file and write a report." Well, I don't suppose it would hurt for me to treat you to breakfast then," Bryant said. "I'll call Ally and have her get the warrants rolling." You're absolutely positive this is going to match?" Bea asked."I am!" Bryant confirmed.Bryant found out more about Bea Harrison over a quick breakfast at a chain restaurant."I pitched. “Slip your heels back on,” I instructed. “They look good on you.”She sat back down in the chair and I watched as she slipped back into her heels.“Stand up,” I instructed. She did as I asked, her hands in her hips.“Turn around and let’s see your cute ass again,” I requested. She turned and pointed her ass in my direction.“Can you lose the undies?” I asked.Without saying a word, she stripped out of her pink panties and tossed them on to the chair.Holy Cow! I couldn’t believe how willing she was.

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