"Dave pulled me to him and kissed me again. Gradually our kisses became very passionate and when Dave started playing with my breasts I could feel tha... familiar feeling between my legs telling me I was ready for sex. I knew I should stop but I didn't want to. Dave had his hand on my knee and started moving it up my thigh and was just starting to slide under the hem of my skirt when my cell phone rang.We both jumped a little and I grabbed Dave's hand and removed it from my leg. When I answered. Oh God! Did I just check him out? What the fuck is wrong with me? But my mouth betrayed me and my tongue licked my lips"You needed it in the boys room, you drooled over it as you passed the Penitent Room. You can have it ... while you fuck the cunt! Assuming you still need..."Honestly, could you have figured out what the hell he just said? Remember I am Wasted!My cock kept hardening, my tongue kept wetting my lips, and I followed him to penitence and salvation and big black cocks and a hot. "Ah, er I'm Steve" I reply, like some rabbit caught in headlights. "Do you come here often" I ask, then realise what a stupid and cheesy question it was. Blushing slightly I turn away."My 1st time" you say, making me feel a lot easier.I look around again and could see we were alone. "Can I join you" I ask. "On one condition" you reply. "Can you rub some lotion on my back please" I didn't need asking twice. I knelt down in the sand as you rolled over. I surveyed to scene in front of me. Your. I'll see u later."Turning back to his sister, he asked, "Sure you don't want me to drop you off at the museum?" Nah, it's a short walk. Thanks though."James nodded and smiled. When the valet returned with the keys to his car, he paid the man and thanked him before saying goodbye to Ashley. The two made plans to meet up for dinner to discuss anything Ash learned at the museum, and then they went their separate ways.James stopped at home to grab his books before heading to school. He paid more.

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