As I slipped off my jeans, the moment my cock was exposed it was in his hand. He swirled the precum that was building around the head of my cock and t...en licked his fingers. Next thing I knew he was on his knees kissing my cock, fondling and licking my balls. He pushed me back onto the couch and, lying down, I moaned and panted as he deep throated my entire cock with ease as if he had no gag reflux. What his cock lacked for in size he sure made up for in his experience of how to suck a cock. He. The warmth of sleep soon dissipated in the chill of a spring afternoon! Replacing my shoulder holster, I secured the handgun, and stooped to extract some food, water, and my alcohol stove from my pack.Emily had awakened, likely from my scuffing through the leaves and whatnot. She crawled to the edge of the hootch, peeking at me from the blanket draped over her head, hood like. “If you’d warm up my clothes, and pass them over here, I could get dressed in comfort. Then I could help you with. Matthew doesn’t suit you – but you stay because of the lifestyle he can give you. Then the older brother comes along who doesn’t let you play him or the situation and you can’t stand it.” “That’s not true. I’m not right for either of you. I’m finally admitting to the situation. I thought you would be satisfied.” “Satisfied?” He chuckled and shifted her weight underneath him. Her flimsy skirt flew up her thighs and he smiled. “I’ll be satisfied when your puffy little pussy lips are surrounding. ...SHIT!!!!!!!!!The suppressed orgasm had finally been unleashed in the form of a Tsunami of erotic pleasure and personal catharsis.Cynthia: You're squirting like crazy! I wouldn't beleive this if i wasn't the reason behind it.Rachel: Did...i...screw....up?Cynthia: You are AMAZING! You are by far the greatest lover i've ever had.Rachel: I will never be able to thank you enough for the experiences you've offered to me.Cynthia: Cut the melodrama, you've only taken your first steps to the world of.

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