" Kim interrupted me with a laugh. "Okay, so maybe I'm not average," I conceded, "but I'm still a geek." But you're my geek," Kim responded. Then she ...ave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. Which I returned with a deeper kiss, a trip to Kim's bedroom, and then another shower for good measure,While we were drying each other off, I found myself laughing. Kim asked, "What's so funny?" I'm just remembering how Amy played master sergeant and told us what to do the other night. Lift this breast, scrub. ” Mary watched her fumble a little bit but made sure she had it rolled down properly. No sooner did she have it on me than she impaled herself. No foreplay, just hop on and ride into the sunset. She dropped herself hard on me a dozen times and screamed out an orgasm, collapsing on my chest. I don’t know if it was the cowgirl position or she was just super horny, but I rubbed her back until her breathing got back to normal.“Gawd, thank you. The sex I’ve had so far has just been spreading my legs. He had already put some jazz on and as I started to sway to the music, I untied the front of my robe and let it fall open. “Damn baby” he whispered “You look good enough to eat”. I get see his erection swelling as I dropped my robe on the floor, continuing to move my hips to the music. “Come up here” he said, motioning me to climb up over him. As I planted my feet on either side of him and grabbed the back of the couch, he pulled my panties aside and ran his tongue up my slit, spreading me. “No intention to old girl, I had in mind the Butler,” I explained, “So Butler, do you want a job or nay?” I asked, “For if you wish to remain give the old biddy a seeing to!”“But sir I cannot!” he whined.I sought the comeliest serving wench, “You,” I said, “Pop your melons out, slip your smock to your waist and show the Butler what he is missing.”She gasped.“Do it now wench, rouse the Butler,” I insisted, “Jobs are not easy to find.”She dis as I asked and stood naked to the waist, her breasts.

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