Fast forward two weeks to the end of the workshop and everyone was getting trashed at a farewell party and we ran into each other. She looked AMAZING ...n a black tube top and tight leather pants and she was also slightly intoxicated, but not flat-out drunk. We started dancing and she turned and slid her ass back against my pelvis as I had my hands on her hips. I could feel myself getting aroused as I turned her back around and pressed her firmly to my chest and I could feel her breasts heaving. Roger was a big baby and if there was to be a way out of our situation, I would be the one to find it. He would follow and pretend to help, much as he had always done in the office although never before had we been in situations as dire as this. Whether it was my closeness or some smell from my breasts, or for some reason I didn't understand, Roger had an erection. It was indeed smaller than the one next door but, because it was Roger's, it seemed to disgust me more. "He should be able to. Pam how ever seemedunaffected by either the wine or the hangover cure, and was once againbuzzing with energy, as she set to putting the house to rights.I was stacking the last of the flattened packing boxes in the back ofour car, when Jean waved and called across the road. "Morning Mish." Morning M... Jean," I said almost calling her Miss Jean for somereason."Are you going to the tip?" she asked looking very 'local,' with herhair in rollers covered loosely by headscarf and an apron tied round. She nodded tacitly, leaned forward and reached even further under her pants, and pulled the crotch to one side, then parted her legs and knees and took up a stooped position, before relaxing and letting her pee flow free. I watched with fascinated interest the reflection of her smooth twelve year old pussy in the floor until the splashes of her release made the reflection impossible to see, at which point I looked up, and straight into her face. She had been watching me watch her pee. Most of.

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My cowgirl

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