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Just friends.’ ‘You’re always just friends with people…Take a chance on me.’ Before I can respond he is there, his lips are there, pressed...against mine. The kiss is soft, but urgent at the same time. I feel his strong, rough hands moving up the length of my arms to my shoulders, and then they are gently tugging me closer to him, until our bodies are melded together. His mouth is tastes sweet, his hands are scorching in the heat of the room, the heat of the moment. I find my resistance. It was obvious where to put it."Put it in my pussy first and let it get good and wet. Then spit on my ass, so it's wet too. Then push it in slowly."I did what I was told, getting it good and wet in her pussy. I turned it on. It made a gentle hum, much softer than my massaging vibrator at home, but still, it seemed strong enough. I licked her again, letting some spit fall from my tongue. Then, I pushed in the end of the vibrator.It went slowly, at first, as the bulbous end forced its way up.. The lights in the private room were dimming in preparation for the floor show. She felt Pierre’s hand on her knee. She looked at him and was about to say “No” when he slid it up her thigh under her skirt and into her little lacy panties. But she didn’t say “No.” Instead she felt instantly hot and told him, “You shouldn’t be doing that.” And he had said with a smile, “I know I shouldn’t be doing it. But do you like it?” He put a finger into her pussy and briefly excited her clitoris. Em said:. Some lucky MDs studied the effects of ‘private self-stimulation’ on oxytocin and found them to be “significantly higher during orgasm/ejaculation than during prior baseline testing.” Fantastic, we say!It makes you feel happierWe’ve all heard of endorphins, the ‘happiness hormone.’ Just turns out that orgasms create something of an internal endorphin firework display.It helps avoid the flu!Huh? Yes! Sexual stimulation increases levels of immunoglobulin, which helps you keep colds and flus away..

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