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" I heard that things were getting rough out in the mountains." I hope not." Arabella wiped her mouth with the paper napkin. "Last time I spoke with G...anny, everything was quiet. I don't think that anyone has even thought about going that far west yet."They chatted for a few more minutes while Arabella finished her drink. Wolfe, asked more questions than he answered, skillfully interrogated Arabella about Monterey without divulging any information about himself. He tried to get Arabella to. . skirt, I..I was trembling so much, it all felt so good, s.. so naughty and soright.. I realised that the risk of doing it was adding to my thrill.I.. I put on her school blouse as well, leaving it open at the neck, andforced my feet into a pair of her heels," I shiver, getting aroused atthe memory, feeling my trapped little friend trying to harden between mylegs. "T.. that was as far as I normally went.. but I had time... I'dbeen letting my hair grow a bit, so I styled it as best I could,. She got up also saying "I think I will have to take another shower now."It was time for the good night hug but we were both unsure of what to do now. I moved forward and hugged her, this time I didn't move my groin back, she came against me lightly but enough to feel my dick against her belly and I felt those hard nipples against my chest. I was going to kiss her on the cheek and I don't know if she turned or I did or we both did but instead of a cheek our lips met. It shocked us both and it. I dont think so, Im married and your only 21 I said. but I like older women and you are a very sexy one he said with a bit of arrogance in his voice. I just turned round and walked off. I couldnt get it out of my mind what Andy had said or what he had in his pants and for the rest of the night we kept glancing at each other and smiling, every now and again he would slightly thrust his hips up and make me smile even more. Me and Tony were stood in the kitchen having a kiss and a cuddle when.

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