Soon he was humping a stuffed toy. We had seen him do this before, and I knew that the toy wouldn't work. I picked up one of the pillows from the couc... and threw it to him. We had given him a pillow a couple of times before. He looked up at me as if saying thanks and started humping the pillow.I slid my hand up her leg her to where her panties covered her bush. Through her panties, I felt her slit and pushed my finger in. Her clit was already hard. Across the room, Blue had his front legs. Then Samantha dropped the bomb. She asked me if she could go shopping with us. Nicole and I just looked at each other not knowing really how to answer that one. While Samantha was only 2 years younger than we were, I'm sure Nicole didn't know how to explain to her baby sister about what happened after we got back from shopping. Nicole was thinking though, as I could tell she was plotting something. She asked Samantha if she had ever had sex yet, which to me wouldn't been that big of a surprise. I was on one of the volleyball teams, and I swear that those swinging boobs and bobbing dicks were the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. Yes, the dicks, too. That came as a mild shock to me. I'd never considered myself to have gay tendencies, as I said before. But I found myself wondering what it would be like to hold another man's cock, and feel it spurt its jizz. Maybe that's another adventure I should pursue, I thought. But then Jenn returned a volley, and the sight of her sweaty breasts. "Good Morning" Alice replied "Now that is a sight I could get used to", Charlie felt his heart drop and looked down he was completely naked, his face turned a rather light shade of red. "No need to be embarrassed" Alice laughed "It isn't like I saw it all yesterday". "Y...Yeah but Y'know" Charlie replied feeling ever more embarrassed. "Do you want me to get you some pants to cover your shame?" Alice said with a laugh. "Please" He said. After a few moments Alice came back with something for.

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