And Daddy always made her feel good too. She loved to curl up naked against him all night - something they could never do at home. She loved the sound... of pleasure he made when she made the white stuff come out of him.But, tonight she had other thoughts on her mind; things that Daddy had talked about but never done, at least not to her. Tonight she wanted him to.The nights up here had begun to be chilly so Daddy had built them a fire in the big stone fireplace. It was the only light in the room. Sometimes that helps, to be able to just sit and think and stare at the stars rather than always be moving. She doesn’t always need to run. Again her thoughts drift back to him. If he were single, would she want more from him? She thinks not. She enjoys spending time with him, likes talking to him, touching him, kissing him, fucking him, she’d like to do it more often of course, she smiles, remembering how she once told him she’d happily strap him to her bed and keep him there for a week at. I'm a little nervous." Why? We've known each other for years and years." Yes, but this is the first time ... I mean I've never..." You've never what?" Megan ... I don't have girlfriends or anything."I thought about that. "Are you gay?" If he was I was just going to cry because he was so cute it would be a terrible loss to women everywhere."No!" he yelped. "I'm just a virgin!" Oh," I said. That was no big deal. Not to me. Until a few hours ago I'd been one too."It's just that I move around so. "Okay, I told myself, Martha's on a rampage, so behave. It couldn't have been her period. Maybe she was getting as antsy as I was, with Memphis seeming to appear everywhere on the horizon.Two young actors on the stage started the dialog in the scene, and Martha muttered, "Maybe you'll like Becky better, she's more homespun." Becky? I thought Kathy was next." Forget Kathy. She just lost her virtue to a new boyfriend, and she won't look at anyone but him." She glanced at me. "In this town, you.

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