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"I think it's time I gave you a foot massage for being such a good boy."Which, I guess I should actually add didn't end in my cumming. She kept me clo...hed, laying on her bed, and she got naked. She sat on her vibrator while rubbing my legs. It was a pretty bad foot massage all things considered.So first I'll elaborate on a part that I glossed over not because it was unimportant, but because yesterday I was pressed for time and wasn't planning on covering it anyway.The first time I saw her. " I pushed them down and off my legs and once more I was naked. For one of the few times that evening I wasn't fully hard. Kind of half and half."Get up on the bed. Put your hands by your sides. And don't bother me while I'm eating. In fact, you need to close your eyes." Well, by now I'd figured out that if I followed her directions that good things would happen. I closed my eyes and waited. She moved my cock up so that it was laying on my stomach. I heard this shshing sound and felt something. Ellison is my buddy John's mother. She's been a widow for two years. She's semi attractive, not a MILFy hottie by any means. But, sexy in a vulnerable, mom-next-door kinda way. I came over to see John, not realizing he was out til late and she offered me some juice. We talked a little, and without really meaning to, I seduced her by telling her I thought she looked younger in her yellow sundress (it was true) and that she should find someone she can just enjoy being with so she can feel some. As Adley retrieved it and placed it on the trick, I felt Evelyn’s soft, painted lips close around the head of my cock, and as she sucked me smoothly and deeply in the warm, heavenly recesses of her mouth, my balls released and I pumped what felt like one long continuous stream of cum into her throat. I groaned with the release in chorus with Adley right as Waterhouse played the winning Queen, thereby depriving us of the contract, and then I sat back reeling with the ecstasy of Evelyn’s fingers.

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