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”When she could milk no more from him, she stood. They kissed a deep, passionate kiss.“Our first time was such a wonderful night for us. All this ...rom a blind date that neither of us much cared about in the first place. I’m such a lucky guy.”“And I’m a lucky woman. You’re my best friend and lover. I couldn’t ask for more.”After a few more affectionate words, they parted, Erin to finish her grooming for the day and Matt back to his coffee and paper.A bit later she came out wearing a tee shirt. 'Mike replied, 'well if you are there on the night you will find out, I said the whole thing would come out one day, well the prom is the day.'On the night of the prom, Mike and the guys had hired the biggest limo available and all four couples had piled in.When it arrived at the venue, someone had obviously been watching because most of the class came out to watch them arrive. The limo stopped and the four guys got out, dressed in tuxedo's, to jeers from the jocks, who were holding their. Nayshaa grabbed her ass and spanked it loudly into the cam. She repeated the act as she rubbed gel onto the dildo and teased her pussy with it. It slid into her vagina with ease as she moaned louder with each stroke.I let her run the show because now she was on autopilot. She looked into the camera with those doe eyes, her hair was a mess and her ass was red. She moaned and groaned in an intense whisper as the dildo rammed in and out of her as she watched me stroke myself.Nayshaa: Yea, daddy!. We embraced, full body, and kissed, and I slid the flimsy dress over Lin’s head. She was wearing a thong and a bulky bra. I unhooked the bra and massaged what there was to massage. Her nipples were firm and eager, so I laid her on the bed and kissed and sucked them. Then I headed down her body to crotch level and extricated her thong from its hiding place. Lin moaned as my tongue found her slit. She was shaved smooth and oiling up expectantly as I ran my tongue over her labia and then sucked.

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