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“now get on your back and spread your legs.” I was stirring from my crotch and ready to get it on, my hormones and testosterone nearly taking over...“um honey, before we do that can I get you ready first?” she asked, biting her lip.“what do you mean?” I asked“I just..” she let out a deep sigh “I just want to make it slippery so we can do it easier. Lay back I’ll show you” She whispered as she looked up at me with a little grin. I was intrigued more by the way she looked at me than what she said,. When I finally emerged from the bedroom, the small coffeemaker in the suite had just enough life-affirming brew for me to enjoy a cup and awaken a little faster. As I poured a cup of the hazelnut drink, I could feel Eric’s eyes upon me as he sat at the table with his laptop. ‘Good morning, sunshine,’ he joked quietly as his eyes caressed me from across the room. The ‘Good morning, sunshine’ was part of our typical banter. His eyes caressing me, however, was the evidence that I was not the only. “oh kimmie,oh my goodness I’m comin home straight to you” I whispered as i continued givin her pussy a thorough probing “come on home,give it to me” she gasped.I thrust several more times and gripped Kim tightly I looked behind me at her pretty polished candy red toes, and her pretty feet sent me over the edge! I clutched her tightly and erupted deep inside her pussy.“Kim…godddd..urghh..uhhhhhh” I grunted sucking on her nipples.I looked down at her, we lay there both breathing hard.“nothin like. "Mmm, delicious" he said grinning and Presley giggled."I see you haven't lost your touch" Presley said and eyed her brother's erection."All in a day's work" Zach said with a condescending tone which made Presley laugh again. He climbed on top of her, his hard cock pressing into her pubic mound and looked into her eyes. "Now it's time for my reward" Zack said with a cocky grin. He leaned down, gave Presley a quick kiss on her full lips, then grabbed her boobs with both hands and guided an erect.

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