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.. especially the cocaine traffickers. We really didn't need it. If one took the modern map and moved all the land south of the RioGrande river and fo...lowed a rough out of the line between the Texas border over to the Gulf of California and moved all of Mexico ... except Baja California ... south 300 miles replacing it with more Gulf of Mexico, you would be doing fairly well. Add ... or subtract ... all the land bordering the Rio Grande on the west side north to 300 miles west of Hudson Bay and. My mind was racing with thoughts from what seemed like such a distant past. It was all coming back to me in waves.We ordered drinks and got our menus. My mind was elsewhere as I stared at the menu. When the time came to order I spoke mindlessly."I'll have the red snapper special." I muttered.I had snapper on my mind and it wasn't a fish. Dinner was for the most part relatively uneventful. It seemed as though Lauren purposely avoided any prolonged eye contact with me. I caught myself drifting. Suenee walked close to her ‘Uncle’ but of course couldn’t touch him. I could see how sad she was at this, but she had given up contact with almost all men when she accepted her amulet. I put an arm around her to comfort her as we watched them leave.Outside the Thai guards had all turned out and came to attention and saluted as the Colonel and Major came out. They returned the salute and the Colonel nodded to the Sergeant in charge, who seemed pleased.While we had been in conference, other. We left the bar just before closing and walked back to the hotel. If you are interested, the whole thing (drinks, bar fine, girl for the night) cost less than A$150. The hotel was cool with us coming in at 1am and we went straight up to the room. I told her to grab a drink out of the bar and relax for a few minutes. I went into the bathroom and gave myself an enema by removing the shower head and shoving the pipe up my arse. After about five minutes and three loads, I finally leaked clear so.

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