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Letting go of my hair he ripped my jeans off yanked my panties to oneside and buried his face into my cunt sucking and licking my clit like a thirst m...n at an oasis.i was writhing around in extasy, unable to control my yelps ans squeals of pussy was so wet he inserted two fingers into me eaily and began to work my hole asw his tongue grazed my clit and hood.wrapping my legs around his head, i kept his face pressed tightly to my cunt he really knew what he was doing shaming guys my. His tongue roamed through my mouth, and all I could do was submit to him as his hands dropped to my ass. He murmured his approval into my mouth as he cupped my ass cheeks. I began to moisten the tiny strip of fabric between my legs. I knew he could feel my bare cheeks through my dress, and the outline of my garter belt across my hips. I spread my legs as he forced his between them. His cock was hard against my thigh. I brought my arms, which had been hanging loosely at my sides, up to wrap. ............ The club is kind of quiet this night, but I don't need a crowd to help me celebrate my birthday. Smiling devilishly, I move closer to Jaxon, my body pressed flush against his. Leaning in I give him a slow sensual kiss, my hand moving from his neck, tracing along his chest, and finally sneaking it in between us and allowing it rest on the firmness in his jeans. Leaning back a bit I say, "Thanks for the presents, Daddy," before leaning back in and resuming the kiss. He smiles as he. ’ ‘That’s the last thing I need.’ ‘Now sweetie the best way to get over one man is to get under another.’ I can’t help but laugh at that, I even think he may be right, god knows I haven’t had sex in weeks but deep down I know a one night stand isn’t going to make me feel any better, I can satisfy myself for the time being, a new man just isn’t on the cards right now. ‘Thanks for the coffee babe and getting me out of the house, you were right, I do feel better.’ ‘You’re welcome, anytime, you.

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