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” She pulled away still concerned. “I do, too. I think it’s awesome that you two can be close like that.” He tried to keep it sounding like an...innocent game and not one of his fantasies come true. Pax studied his face, he was taking it quite well, and he hadn't stated the obvious next question. “She said you can watch if you want.” Kean tried to hide his smile, he was already thinking of a way to ask if he could watch, and here she was offering. “Do you want me to watch?" He was still holding. Just the feeling that someone would see me like that, that someone would make me look stupid, excited me. All the more so because it was with someone like Jen. Makeup was done on both sides, time for photos. We quickly went through some pages and started to choose the clothes in which we are going to take pictures. I didn't believe it myself, but the first photos were of her, even topless, only in white thongs. She covered her adorable little breasts with her hands and started to pose. To tell. The questions had all been handled very well. The interview panel had nodded in all the right places, all her right answers.Apart from a few glances down to her extremely short skirt (Jo did feel like maybe her stocking tops were maybe just visible beneath the hemline of that skirt…) everything was just fine."So, all that leaves me to ask is… er, can we see those tits?” The interviewer calmly stated.She was slightly taken aback. Did she hear that correctly?“Yes. We need them out, most. No in-person sexual interaction before. I was at the mall by myself since I had the day off and all my friends had class that day, needed to use the restroom so I made it to the Macy's and chose a bathroom in the back corner which was away from all the crowds (I always hated public bathrooms, super nervous about using them and usually can't even use a urinal if there is another person in there).I chose a stall in the back because I was still pee-shy about using urinals. After I was done I just.

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