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.....d’ya make him again?Melanie: oh yeah - I’m in there alright. He’ll be back for more, time and time again! God it’s like he just goes in a...trance when I pose, I’ve never seen anything like it. He kept saying he’s never seen a girl pose before, weird stuff like that.Bev: just gotta keep him sweet then and we’ll look to increase the fees, I bet we’re onto a good thing here, cash cow like.Melanie: sure, I’m up for that. It’s like, well, he don’t even touch himself, just sort of, OGLES, with. ”“Don’t do that!”“Lissa, if you can’t go home, then I want to be with you!”“Liz is here, and so is Tasha.”“So you and Tasha are going to become chummy?” I smirked.“Oh, stop!” Clarissa laughed. “I do not want to have sex with every pretty girl who comes along!”“The fact that you took my smirk to mean that says your mind is in the gutter with mine!”“Was that EVER a question?” Clarissa asked, laughing. “I believe I enjoy sex just as much as you do! But just as there are plenty of girls you. ” Yash looked bewildered for a moment, but quickly regained his composure and excitedly followed her instructions. He knew Lavanya well and was sure she had some nasty stuff in mind.One minute later, there she was, her hands tied up, naked, and blindfolded. Yash couldn’t believe the sight in front of him. He was in no mood to waste any time. The horny boy quickly presented his dick in front of her mouth. Lavanya, already wet from all the anticipation, licked her lips and immediately devoured. “You seem to enjoy watching your wife be tormented. Is that true?” she asked.“Yes, Ma’am, I guess so,” I said.“You think it’s ok to get an erection while I torture your wife’s nipples and shove a finger in her ass?”“Um, no, Ma’am, I guess not,” I said. I wasn’t really sure what the right answer was there, but I suspected it didn’t matter anyway.“No, it’s not, of course,” she muttered. She walked over to one of the drink trays and took one of the empty glasses still holding ice.She walked back.

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