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. my more. I have reached the stage in my life where my desire for study and time for a deeper yoga practice have moved to the top of my bucket list. ...here is a place that I must get to, and intense study and practice are the only way to get there. I know that you will all understand when I tell you that I have not chosen this path; it has chosen me. I cannot be your Mahana Mam and still be on my personal path. Starting with this yoga session tonight, there will be a new Mahana Mam."Here she. I did not hear anyone who didn't want to go. People would talk to George about what they should and shouldn't bring with them.All in all, it was a good meeting and we reported in to Mama Shirley over the net. When everyone dispersed for the night, George came with us since there was an extra bedroom available. We spent some more time talking with him trying to get opinions from Bennie and me about the Somerseters. Since we were comfortable with them, I think we made George happy. We all went. Then he walked to the living room and she crawled slowly after him. Happy as she was to not be eating any more dirt, she was not looking forward to her second spanking of the evening, particularly since her ass still stung from the first. He was sitting in his huge brown easy chair, the one she was never allowed to use. She laid down over his knee again, hoping somehow he would be merciful but knowing he wouldn't. There was that harsh first stroke again, and again her yelp of pain, even louder. “I’m sorry” you whisper as you turn back to go down the corridor and make your way home.“Where do you think you’re going?” You here a voice behind you, you turn back and you don’t believe your eyes.Chapter 3You feel your cock tighten, as it begins to get harder and harder and harder, You see Charlie stood there in the doorway naked, wearing nothing but a pair of high heeled stilettos, she stood there in the door way with her hands on her hips and her legs spread apart, You couldn’t believe your.

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