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After about 10 to 15 minutes I felt that I would cum any minute now. So I grabbed Johannas head so she had to swallow my cum, and she did so greedily....Then I let go of her head and she started cleaning my dick by licking it slowly.-Was it good master?-Yes, it was very good infact, now stay here while I go and get some things.-Yes master.So I rose and ziped my pants and left the room while she kneeled in front of the sofa. Just looking at her made me get another erection.But now I went to our. So it was coming up to Beth’s birthday and Julie had an idea to really make her day, she suggested we let her join us one Saturday and I could fuck her as a present from Julie. And with me being fifteen I very quickly agreed and she said she would let me know when, about 2 weeks later Julie said she had set up for the coming Saturday, I could barely sleep (nor keep my hard on away) in anticipation, well Saturday came and I arrived at Julies just before her mother left (she always looked sexy. You're beautiful," I said.She blushed."Aw. That's so cute. Thank you," she finally said.And I finally got some wits about me. Realizing what the fuck was going on here."So what do you mean nobody has told you no?" I said.She spoke again."It was a fetish. I'd never gone any farther than what you and I have right now. It wasn't a no. But it wasn't what I wanted," she said."What do you want?" I finally said.When she spoke, I was stunned."You," she said."You're serious?" I stuttered.She walked up. We sat in my car for about an hour and talked what what we each liked sexually and agreed to meet on the coming weekend in the mall parking lot and from there would go to the nearby short stay motel. Our agreed get together was for Sat 8am. I pulled into the mall parking lot and waited for her.About 10mins later she drove up and parked next to me.I have to admit being middle aged and not having any problems with sexual performance decided to take a little blue pill that morning b4 leaving the.

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