Dancing fancy

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This young lady had legs to die for. It was pretty clear she was comfortable walking in heels. Every step was smooth and graceful. She even had this s...xy little sway to her hips. I quickly took two large steps to catch up without moving my eyes from her legs. She opened the door and stepped through slowing her pace for me to come along side. My gaze was of course forced away from her delightful lower appendages.The elevator is about 150 feet down the hall on the left and I assumed we were. Clare turned to me and said, "you're not going, are you?"I was having a good time and fancied a few more drinks so I said, "you're not getting rid of me that easy!" I went to the bar and got a couple more drinks with tequila chasers. When I got back with the drinks Clare was saying about the astronomical cost of drinks. It was pricey, but nothing too bad and I pointed out that she was making a fuss over nothing when she hit me with, "let's finish these and go back to mine. I've got a fridge. He slowly un-buttoned my shorts and let down the zipper, revealing my huge boner. Steve took off my pants and he let me take off his. I saw that he had a hard on too. So there we were, laying on each other in our underwear, kissing and licking each other. I slowly pulled Steves underwear off, and he took mine off. Now we were totally naked and in each others arms, kissing. Steve licked his way down to my dick. He licked the tip of it, and the base too. He licked his way around, enjoying it all. It isn't as bad as you mightthink. In a way it is lighter and fluffier, if you can call itthat." "Well, you look very pretty, more like a woman than a man evenwithout the dress, if you don't mind me saying." "Thank you. I'll take that as a compliment" "Oh, you can bring your secretary with you when you take over. Iam going to see Bill Sengstock now to offer him your job. Bye!" He called Nicole into his office and told her she was moving upto a level two secretary as his secretary, with the.

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