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"Besides what do you know about us, anyway?"Instead of saying anything, he reached into the bag and grabbed a handful of pictures and laid some of the... on each of their bellies. He was very glad he had not shown them to Laura earlier. This was perfect timing. They both looked at them, then Laura started sobbing. "Does... does everyone know?" Mom and Dad know," Cal answered. "And there's more." This time, he pulled out the PI report. "They loved you enough to pay for this."For perhaps the first. All three pointed their cocks at my pussy and let loose. Huge ropes of hot sticky spunk landed on my gaping pussy. It turned me on so much, I smeared the jizz all over my cunt fingering myself and jacked myself off to a massive orgasim. This went on for several sessions, the men spunking my bush rather than the wall. Then finally, I pulled one into me as the other two watched. His cock slid easily into my wet hungry pussy. He fucked me franticly for about two minutes and then filled my cunt. Lot of moaning sound. She hold mayura uncle so tightly within her legs. I entered into the room. While I am entering Both of my mother and uncle are reaching their climax.Mom rotated and taken the bed sheet from floor. She is trying to cover herself.Mom:- Raju, leave the room. I will call you.Me:- I cannot control myself after listening your sounds. Sorry mom and uncle. I am leaving.Mom started crying. I can hear her. I just turned back. Ow god. I feel so bad. But she looks so sexy. Her body is. - Ты сам говорил, что у вас везде счётчики, что вы экономите. Быстренько ополоснёмся вдвоём, всё экономия. Давай-давай, или ты меня стесняешься?От такого вопроса он покраснел ещё сильнее и был вынужден пойти в душ. Он разделся и выглядел просто супер - сильный, красивый. Даже натурал способен оценить его внешность. Правда, он стеснялся, отвернулся от меня, подставив взору упругую попу, и... у меня началась эрекция. Никогда не думал, что у меня встанет так сильно на парня, хотя, возможно, это от.

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